About Us

Do what you love. Be around people who inspire and push you to learn and grow.


Proven executive leader of complex high-growth international businesses with data, digital marketing, corporate strategy and M&A experience across eCommerce, retail, and payments businesses.Former CDO of Falabella


Experienced retail professional (ex Target, ex Reliance AJIO) with 20+ years of experience in building ecommerce platform across US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Played a significant role in setting up ecommerce platform for the biggest offline retailer in India, making it 2nd biggest ecommerce player in the country in 3 years.


Sr executive with 20 years experience in the Internet industry gained in world class ecommerces. Built from scratch and regionally lead Mercado Ads at Mercado Libre for +8 years. Founder of VDF Consulting Group; a consultancy firm that helps large retailers and marketplaces(ie: Falabella & Walmart) to build or scale their Retail Media businesses.


We believe every eCommerce marketplace will become an ad network. We are the technology platform powering this transformation.

What We Do

AndesML provides a platform that enables online retailers around the world to launch and monetize their own ad network, without the time and expense of an in-house build. But also, unlike other players, we offer our capabilities and know how to guide retailer’s journey to digital ad transformation.

Our Story

COVID-19 provided us with an impending opportunity to change the way we do everything, including business. And Retail Media is fastest-growing business. Only a few marketplaces are monetizing their data because they are limited in terms of sophistication and not able to capitalize on their high volume of site visits. Considering that eCommerce is part of our DNA, we found an opportunity by empowering marketplaces/retailers to build deeper connections with their sellers and work closer together through our monetization platform. From Latin America to the world, we’re creating a new way to run modern marketing with focus in delivering results, powering them with machine learning algorithms, and creating a community of doers and thinkers who go where others fear to tread.

What drives us

We are here to grow and drive growth—at a scale that none of us did before. Together we are building a progressive culture that inspires us to create our life’s work—and a bigger, bolder impact.

Why marketers trust us

Not only we love Retail, we’ve lived it!